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Who are we?

Evolutionary Women initially started as a group of lively minded forward thinking women in February 2016, at The China House in Plymouth UK. We had 60 plus eager women turn up for the launch and 30 of them signed up for the year there and then, so great was the hunger to learn and grow, and make a contribution to the wider world. We created a culture focused around Personal and Business development, authentic connection and mutual support.

We became Western Women Mean Business 3 years ago based on the Dalai Lama's statement that the world would be saved by Western Women, we decided it was time to engage with impacting on the  sea of struggling women around the world. 

One of our foundational Big Ideas is that everything is energy and we are all interconnected, hence the success of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. 

With the skillful use of the Will and Intention we can breakthrough and breakdown the seemingly impossible, as demonstrated by putting a stop to Harvey Weinstein.

My heart has longed to manifest our connection with women more globally and for us all to develop our hidden higher potentials to make sweeping changes in the world that we can only achieve as a collective. We evolved from a Group into a Community of warm, caring changemakers, but still growing and developing the necessary skills to make an impact on the world.

In March 2020 the Corona-virus pandemic forced us all Online, out of our beautiful cosy bubble. We have just been getting ready for this time. Embracing the change and the benefits of technology, we have created a new home here on Mighty Networks where thanks to Zoom we can stretch our arms across the waters to connect with our sisters from another mother.

Why You Should Join Us

This is an unprecedented time in history. More than ever the world needs our feminine wisdom,for us to

Grow Up, Stand Up and Speak Up as 


Although we are busy with all the usual demands on our time as carers in our families, we recognise the importance of carving out some ME time for a few hours each month for our own Personal, Spiritual and Business Development. 

We are committed to becoming All We May Be. 

We meet online for our monthly Masterclass and to celebrate our wins with each other. We know It's time for us to stop shrinking ourselves with our conditioned thinking to fit into what has been a male dominated society. The world is ripe for a new normal and you can be a part of creating that for yourself, your children and future generations.

It all starts with you and it's an inside job! CHOOSE A PLAN NOW!

A Big Thanks

To all our members, you lovely creative women who care so passionately about your own evolution, humanity and the future of our wonderful world. Lets step optimistically into our emerging future and make magic and miracles happen together, in a way we can't do on our own. 

Here's to our next chapter together :)

An Evolutionary Woman

  • Understands that she is Multidimensional and that evolution is ongoing and she is aware that part of our current stage of evolution is about our ability to reflect and be self-aware
  • Recognises that we can be self authoring , In other words that life doesn’t happen to us it can happen by us and it can happen through us and more importantly it can happen As us.
  • Knows she is connected to Source and that she can allow the evolutionary impulse to flow through them.
  • Is aware of her uniqueness and of the fact that she has higher potentials to develop and to bring into the world.
  • Says yes and she knows is co-creating with Source and knows she is never alone.
  •  Puts herself in the way of creating the conditions for growing and develops her transpersonal potential by joining up with other evolutionary women.
  • Evolutionary women live the life they were created to live.
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